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Reccuperation ~
Giving strength to sufferers of SELF-HARM

This is a site dedicated to helping people of all ages who are battling with SELF-HARM. As a sufferer of self-harm, i know how important it is to be able to let your feelings and frustrations out in the open. This site has been produced especially, so that you and others alike can speak freely.

I have been a sufferer of self-harm for over three years, and within that time, I have learnt a lot about how to cope and how to help others and am on the road to recovery.
The main intension of this site is for you to be able to open up about the hopes and fears you encounter over time to do with self harm. I am training to help others, and have skills in active listening and counseling. I am currently training as a Psychiatric Nurse.  I would like to offer you support and be someone you can confide in, confidentially.  

Since 7/8/03 this site has recieved 574
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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

"The journey toward recovery may have many starts and stops. The important thing is to retain the belief that everyone can move forward given time and support."

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Below is a poll to help you discover what you would do realistically to combat your SI. If you vote on ones that follow positive actions, try and make it happen! Your then on your fist journey of recovery.